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Amazon Quiz Contest Today Answer

31st May is great opportunity for those who are looking for exciting offers. Amazon is all set to offer some exciting offers by playing Quiz. Amazon has become good source for everyone. It is changing so many definitions for the people.

Today shopping from home has become a reality from a dream. And Amazon has worked to make that dream a reality. Amazon has large family with so many offers and sections. Almost all people are shopping from here.

So it take care its amazon quiz today answers family, if one takes family subscription they get 20 percent off diaper, exclusive coupons and registers for baby stuffs. So in short Amazon is giving you a nice way to have savings on these things.  Although every section on Amazon gives its own kind of profit, own kind of fun.

Today Amazon is being considered one of biggest and best shopping stop for online because it is giving variety in stuffs.  Amazon is offering so much to its users and if someone does so much shopping them gets extra vouchers which they could use it.

One could take prime member ship and this will be more beneficial for the one who takes it.  At any moment one could cancel its subscription. But if one takes subscription then shopping from Amazon will be beneficial for you.

There are so many things available all the movies. Series, reality show. They give fast shipping when one takes prime membership.

They get extra off on shopping.  And one could watch their favourite series at any moment at anywhere.  One could ad- free music streaming. Prime video also offer free music. 

There are one million songs and albums available on Amazon prime so plug your earphone and it is going to take you to another world.  There is a plus point about it such as skips there will be videos free of ads, music free of ads, access to handcrafted prime playlists.

 There are so many things which can be done by being on the Amazon. If you would check out review it has become first choice of so many people for offering so many things all over the world. So playing quiz also adds some more shopping opportunity for you. It is one of nice way to have your favourite stuff.

  1. Which is the largest Airport in the World?
  2. King Khalid International Airport
  3. Among these Blood groups A, B, AB, and O which one can be transfused into a person whose blood group is A?
  4. Group A and O
  5. In which area Mother Teresa received the Magsaysay award in 1962 ?
  1. For what John F. Kennedy was popular?
  2. He was famous for so many things. He was one of the most famous Presidents of the USA plus he was first Roman catholic President of USA.  He has also written ‘Why England slept and Profile in Courage’.
  3. Thomas cup is given to which games?
  4. It is famous for Badminton

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