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Angry Birds Match Cheat Tutorial

Like most free to play games, Angry birds match requires a monumental amount of time spent grinding away at the game to collect the necessary numbers of coins and gems to upgrade your most potent and coolest weapons. That is why we have decided to create our very own Angry birds match Hack, both a software version which you can download and an online version which we run on our servers.

So you might be wondering how our Angry birds match hack all works right? Well, our team of developers has worked very hard to find vulnerabilities in Angry birds match to exploit them so that you can get free gems and coins on your account. These exploits are checked to make sure they are undetectable, so you are not banned and to make sure there are no bugs when you are using them.

We can assure you that you will have the best possible experience when you use our Angry birds match hack tool because unlike other websites which suggest they provide the same, we know we can give free and working Angry birds match cheats tools to you.

Our hack tool uses multi-layered proxy walls so that you remain anonymous and hidden. Although this technology is not new, it indeed works. Out of the 3000 people who took part in our Beta phase testing, none (not a single one!) of them got banned! Are other websites capable of that?

If you are feeling sceptical about downloading, then don’t! We also provide an online version of our Angry birds match Hack! Awesome right? This online cheats tool allows users to generate the gems and coins they want without downloading anything as the hack is run on our servers, not your computer! But not only that, we can still guarantee the same level of satisfaction for you!

Angry birds match has taken the world by storm, as rated as one of the best action RPG games available on Android and iOS. The game was initially released on Facebook and at its peak reached a total of 40 million users. Now Angry birds match is out as a sequel to the first game which features exciting, fast-paced fighting action.

This game has an arsenal of weapons and armours for you to equip your ninja with, such as swords, katanas, nun-chucks, kunais, knives and magical powers. More importantly, each weapon feels unique and compelling to use, so the gameplay never gets stale.

This game might look cheap, but it contains some of the most fluid controls a fighting game can offer. After all, fluidity and responsiveness is an essential factor in fighting games. However, all of this wouldn’t matter unless the game has epic animations – which it does. With a life like slashes and Kung Fu moves, you can tell the animator was no amateur. In this game, you’ll surely send your opponents flying.

The art of Angry birds match is not to be underestimated either. For a mobile game, the artwork is astonishingly well drawn and intricately detailed. With six maps in the game, players are sure to be entertained.

Even for the best of gamers, this game is not easy. There are many challenging bosses that players may spend hours upon hours trying to beat but that’s what makes Angry birds match so fun. Each boss is unique in its way with their powerful attacks; if you are looking for a game that you will beat in one sitting, you may just have to look elsewhere. The bosses include Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow and Shogun; you are guaranteed never to be bored.

However, this game is without its downsides. The first few hours of the game are just simply too easy, and your weapons are just plain and lame. Spending hours grinding against low level challengers and collected the needed coins and gems to upgrade your weapons is painstakingly tedious. And so, that’s where we come in.

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