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Best VPN in Israel

If you live in Israel, you may find it difficult to view pornographic websites, even if you are an adult. This may not matter to you, but it should. Experts warn that the ban of pornographic websites by the government may just be the first step of heading down a slippery slope of censorship. While Israelites are typically relatively free to browse the Internet as they desire, censorship has reared its ugly head in recent years.

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What You Should Do

Whether you live in Israel or another country, the freedom to view and listen to anything you like on the Internet is important to you. As an adult, it is your right to determine what you do in the virtual world. Do not stand for any government agency to make this determination for you. The only way that you can achieve complete Internet freedom is through the use of a virtual private network (VPN).

What Is a VPN?

Most people have not heard of VPNs. The typical computer user signs on to the Internet, browses a few websites and signs off. You may find some sites restricted to you and experience frustration. You toss your hands up, thinking that there is nothing you can do about it. You are wrong.

A VPN allows you to surf the web in any way that you wish. You can watch videos, listen to music, download torrents and play games without restriction. A VPN acts as a sort of tunnel, hiding your activity. You sign on to the Internet with a server of your choice when you use a VPN. Instead of using the server that your ISP assigned to you, you choose to use a server in a different country.

When you use a server in another country, you appear to be surfing the web from that country. If you are in Israel and want to view censored websites, you use a VPN server in a different country. When you are in another part of the world and want to view a geo-restricted website from Israel, you use an Israel VPN.


How to Select a VPN

When you choose a VPN, there are certain features to make sure you have. Look for a VPN service provider that has subscription fees you can afford, one that has exceptional customer support, a provider that utilizes high level encryption, and one with servers around the world. These things are all important when it comes to VPNs.

Our Pick

After reviewing some of the top VPN service providers available, we found HideMyAss to offer the best bang for the buck. The military and financial institutions utilize 256-bit encryption, and so does HideMyAss. When we contacted customer support with questions, we were answered within 24 hours with friendly, competent assistance. The subscription fees are affordable, and the service provider currently has servers in 63 countries.

Take a look at to discover more about the provider. The extensive FAQ should answer any questions that you have and, if not, customer support is more than helpful. The 30-day money back guarantee offered by HideMyAss means that you have nothing to lose!

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