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Understanding The Difference Between Male And Female Dogs

male and femal dogs

When it comes to rearing and maintaining dogs, it has often been found that male dogs are a problem. They have generally been known to be destructive and aggressive when compared to female dogs. This is based on experiences of dog keepers. Generally bitches are known to be more affectionate and easier to train. Where does the truth lie? It has been proven that male dogs are often hostile and difficult to handle.

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It is all the more true when the space available for them is limited. Hence, from the management, training and other points of view it is often felt that female dogs are a much better option. However, it may not be right to straight jacket these characteristics and brand all female dogs as friendly and male dogs as destructive. This is because it will vary from one breed to another but generally it is true of dogs as animals.

Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing a female dog comes with its own share of responsibilities. There is the big responsibility of taking care of the female dog when she is in heat. Birth control is another important aspect which must be given the importance it deserves. This will prevent over-littering failing which finding homes and taking care of the new litters could become a major headache.

Female Dogs Do Not Have Menopause

It would be wrong to assume that female dogs go through menopause. In fact they remain fertile throughout their life and unlike the human species they can continue to have litters even a few months before their death. Given the above reality, it is quite possible that male dogs would catch the scent of the female species. Even if you take the best of care to keep a watch the movement of the female dog, it may not be always be possible. You do not want your female dog to copulate with any male dog that it comes across. On the other hand if you want to ensure that the female dog copulates with high breed dog, finding one and then allowing it to mate could be an expensive proposition. But if you want to make money out of it, it certainly will be a logical decision.

How To Dogs Behave Socially

There is another important point which one must take into account. It has been researched and fond that dogs belonging to opposite genders tend to get along much better. On the other hand if you have male dogs staying together, fights and skirmishes break out regularly. This also could happen with female dogs but the instances would certainly be few and far between. Further it has been found that female dogs are easier to train at home when compared to male dogs. There could be exceptions to the rule and there are some distinct characteristics which could make even female dogs aggressive. Further the trainers also could have a role to play and their ability to train the dogs could have a big impact.

Male Dogs Are More Active

As a rule of the thumb it has been proven that male dogs are much more active and dynamic than the female counterparts. But there are some female dogs which also could be hyperactive and difficult to manage. However, most dog buyers would mostly look for a bit. This is mainly because they are less hostile, easy to train and comfortable to manage because of the reasons mentioned above.

Temperament Could Be A Problem

It has been proven that female dogs could often be moody and temperamental. Hence when it comes to this particular character and attributes it has been found that male dogs could score over the female ones. It would be wrong to assess a male and female dog based on their sexual behavior alone. There are some breeds of dogs where both the male and female ones are calm and well behaved. On the other end of the spectrum there could be both male and female dogs which could be difficult to handle and hyperactive.

What Should Be The Deciding Factor

So going by historical evidences and scientific factors, there is no denying the fact that when it comes to easy management, training and perhaps even making profits from litters, having female dogs is a much better option. But decisions often are not taken on these factors alone. We often tend to go by what our friends and neighbors say and this often leads to subjectivity in our decision making. You also could have some deeply embedded child memories which also could influence your buying decision.

Memories And The Past Could Impact Decision

There are many dog owners who often remember their childhood memories and then decide to buy or not buy male or female dogs. For example, you could have seen some female Collie breed which you might have seen in your young days. The memories of this dog could still linger quite vividly in your mind. You might remember the various numbers of times when the female came with new litters of puppies. This could have left a deep impression in your mind. Hence whenever you decide to buy a dog this could be one of the most important factors which might help you in your decision banking.

You Also Might Love Action And Adventure

On the other hand of the spectrum there could be situations where your memories could take you back to male dogs which were extremely active, adventurous, bold, dynamic and fun to have. The sight of these fantastic creatures running around, playing endlessly and even being naughty at times could have impacted your mind quite irreversibly. Hence when you are given the job of buying a dog, then you would certainly believe that male dogs are a much better choice at any given point of time.

The Final Take

At the end of the day while logic, science and facts about male and female dogs are there for all to see, you must never let them overtake the feelings and emotions which you might have. It would be better to make a choice based on your heart rather than your brain. You will have to emotional bond with our pet dog and this can happen only when you heart is in the right place.

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