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free steam key

It is the dream of all gamers to get those fine costly games in the steam store. However, the challenge you might not be ready for so much money for a single game or worse still, you cannot even afford it. For that reason, we have found it essential to jot down a few ways of earning these games for free to ensure you live off the guilty of spending so much money on a game. However, to get the best, read different security guides for steam wallet codes generator.

Below are four simple methods of getting free steam wallet codes.


Swagbucks has ruled the Reward-Points based category for nine years now. It has become the most popular compared to other Reward-Points based category in the GPT websites. This is because they provide the player with various ways of earning “Swags” which is their reward points or currency. These methods typically include; completing surveys, social platform sharing, promotions, or even electronics trade-ins.

Point Prizes

The second proven way of earning free steam wallet codes is by using Point Prizes. Point Prizes provides a precise and unique way of getting free Steam Wallet Codes online, that is genuine and in an effective manner. This website works on a Reward Points Mechanism, and the player needs to earn points by performing various given offers like; filling out the surveys, submitting your email for a company’s newsletter or a startup.

The points earned can then be exchanged for rewards and this case, the player can exchange them for Free Steam Wallet Codes.

Gift  Card “Generator”

Although we all know that Gift Card “Generators” are illegal, they can come in handy for any player if used in the right way. For one, operating an illicit card gift website will not land you in any trouble as you cannot be charged with any crime. However, you would take advantage of these websites by reporting to the Steam Community for Copyright or DMCA. There is a very high possibility that these companies will reward you by giving you a gift card.

The Vast Loop of Giveaway Websites

If you are lucky enough to come across an original giveaway site, you will be lucky to earn a great fortune in your pocket. These websites, however, do not do such massive promotions as they might not have so many free vouchers to give out. At the same time, they offer different gift cards which include; Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and many more. This means, their offer for Free Steam Wallet Codes might be limited.

To ensure you maximize on the number of free codes you get on these sites, it therefore essential to come up with strategies of doing a quick search to ensure you are among the first people to claim the gifts.

NB: It is, however, very important to be very careful not to submit personal details to these sites out of over-excitement as you can be spammed as there are very many fake giveaway sites.

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