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H1Z1 Hack Aimbot HWID Spoofer ESP Antiban

GH currently has the best H1z1 hacks and the most practical features that are entirely undetected for H1Z1.

Future features, and development: We are currently working on getting the flyhawk working, flyhawk is presently very buggy, and will cause disconnects, so it is now disabled, but is likely to be re-enabled in the future when the hack is in a better state.

The ban rate is meagre at the moment, but updates are coming in regularly, we have made sure that if there is an update, that the hack will not inject, and instead your game will crash. Please wait for an update; they should download automatically onto your injector, once our developers have updated the hack, please do not spam us that there is an update, we are aware, and are always making sure we get the updates out within 6hours. Sometimes on a massive patch day, it can require more time as anti-hack is improved, and we must strengthen our cheats to make sure we are not detected.

Feature List:


– Locks onto Head
– Predicts movement
– Can shoot past render distance
– Calculates bullet drop & distance

Item ESP:

– Highlights Weapons in RED
– Highlights Ammo in GREEN
– Highlights Food & Water in BLUE
– Items Stack for better visibility

Player ESP:

– Highlights players in Yellow
– Aiming at you detection
– Full render distance
– Shows how much ammo player has
– Shows which weapon is equipped
– Shows which weapons are available to switch out to

Miscellaneous Features:

– Speedhack works at 5X the average speed – Any higher rate will give you a disconnect
– Teleport hack teleports you 2metres forwards; this also allows you to teleport through walls
– No Recoil
– No Spread
– Instant Hit

Antiban Features:

– Anti Screenshot
– Smooth Aimbot
– Bypasses all anti cheats on startup
– Circumvents old HWID bans from other cheats, by spoofing HWID
– Polymorphs logs to make you immune to reports


Some future features of our H1z1 hacks: Steal players gear without killing them – Night to day – Teleport items to the player. These H1z1 Cheats features are going to be implemented in the future.

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