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How To Win War Robots

For those beginning, here are a few pointers that will assist you to update your hangar quicker and increase your winning chances.


Avoid using massive bots. They simply put you in greater tiers and down you. Speed, damage and obtaining the initiative wins matches. Armor is overrated when you’re just too slow to escape the way.
There’s no”ideal” loadout. Everything is dependent upon your bot disperse and play fashion. This is particularly true for bots with varied hardpoints such as Vityaz and Golem, which can be both effective at all types.
Attempt to receive the next tier slot asap. walking war robots gold hack


Should you find a teammate who’s corner fighting or within a tight space awaiting for reloading, DO NOT push them out to enemy fire or attempt to”squeeze” in. You are only going to wind up getting them (and yourself) murdered and odds are, that teammate is much far better than you and seeking to protect your flank. When it is a door in the Dead City map, then share the distance by keeping your spine against the rear wall while they confront the front. Same holds for the exterior columns or center beacon in Yamantau. You’re also clustering making for simple multi-kill sufferer by PiƱata disperse harm.

If you’re about the Springfield map also notice there are just four of you shielding only 1 beacon region, you’re doing something incorrectly. Leave the fat bunch and push open beacons all on your own.

If you’re a speedy bot and see a teammate who’s also quickly, set up and hunt in packs.

ALWAYS see your group’s beacon status bar. If everybody on your staff did exactly the same, you’d seldom shed.

The sole reason to be standing however is if you’re ambushing, reloading, guarding a beacon or holding away at least two competitors (or their very best player).

Constantly push beacons ancient game. This really is the most evident and most overlooked stage. Sacrificing fast bots to acquire premature beacon edge forces the other team to hurry afterward as you maintain the high ground. Momentum is all.

If you aren’t as proficient as your teammates, then learn how to rush beacons and allow them to cope with the enemy. If making your team’s greatest shooters chase beacons rather defending them, you’re not as likely to triumph.

Should you begin the game by lobbing mortars as Natasha and somebody else on your group does exactly the same, then you will likely lose. You’ve lost the beacon benefit and are just as great as your own forward-most teammate, who’s presently outgunned.

When a teammate is down someone, do not combine them and steal their kill. Proceed to the competitions flank and receive your kill and you will either push quicker.

When a teammate is trapped, help! Teams which struggle together win collectively.

When a teammate is engaged in close combat, do not take their way unless it is hitting something helpful. Do not ever take their rear unless you are saying”hello” at the first 30 secs of this match.

It is the least effective way of farming silver or XP. You’re going to have more things on the frontline so learn how to combat close and boost your abilities. Plus it’s far more fun!

When starting out, utilize Cossacks with shield or Gau. Save all your gold to get a third and fourth slot then Rogatka then equips it using a Taran. Start every game with quick bots and dash beacons. Bear in mind, you may share a beacon catch using a teammate as long as you’re in range before it moves complete blue.

You won’t acquire any gold in case you don’t win matches so safeguard your teammates. You receive more points/gold for harm than kills.


Map your escape prior to hurrying.

Corners along with the minimal ground are the very best buddy.

Learn how to hug walls and cut corners without becoming stuck.

Auto-lock your nearest opponent when they’re operating in packs.

Do not move 2v1 on the open floor.

Learn how to shoot around corners or wall mounted borders using only 1 weapon. You’re able to take down enemies hurrying your beacon without losing (or some other ) HP.

Flanking is all.

Do not quit! Ever! Should you refuse to return without a health and fewer firearms, it gets your competitors selfish for the kill, which leaves them vulnerable. You may get as many kills next to nothing.

If it’s late game and you’re outnumbered 2v4 however, you get a very clear beacon edge, DONT ATTACK.

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